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Businesses and office buildings in the Edmonton area trust Vital Security Group with access cards and entrance control systems to secure their facilities. A card access system often includes electronic card readers & electrified locking hardware to secure a building’s entrance doors.

Card Access Controls Systems Edmonton - Vital Security Group

Choosing A Card Access System

Whether you have one door or many, our integrated system lets you grant proximity card or key fob access, dis-able proximity card or key fob access, open doors, set schedules and see who’s in your building through a single easy-to-use online dashboard. You can manage access to your business from anywhere.
Proximity Card Readers

Standard keycard entry system using RFID technology

Mobile Access

Allow users entry with their smart phones for added convenience and security.

Access From Anywhere

Web-based dashboard with real-time access to control your facilities

Card Access System FAQs

There’s a lot of great reasons to choose a keycard system for your facility:

  • Easily provision access for multiple doors
  • Remote deactivation capability
  • Cards fit easily in a wallet or card holder
  • Customize restrictions based on time of day and access levels
  • Cards can be reconfigured and reused

Keycards are a great affordable option for many companies but they can also be hacked and lost cards compromise security. Mobile access provides several benefits:

  • Using mobile phone credentials for access enhances security
  • Less likely that cards will be lost
  • More convenient for users

Custom Surveillance for Your Business

VSG serves businesses of every size and offers custom designed security systems based on the type of business you own and the valuables you want to protect.

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