Mobile Patrols Edmonton

Mobile Patrol Services For Commercial Properties

24/7 Security Customized for You

Mobile patrols can be an effective solution for clients who require protection but may not requires an on premises guard. Our mobile patrol units can provide a wide variety services to clients.
Mobile Patrols Edmonton - Vital Security Group

Reliable Alarm Response & Monitoring

Contact us for a demo of our software program to see how it can help you manage your property.
Exterior & Interior Patrols

Randomized high visibility patrols of your property will be conducted. Our personnel are trained to make observations, check fence lines, ensure doors and windows are secure, check for unauthorized persons.

Incident Response

Combining our mobile patrol service with our Live Video Monitoring is a great way to get full security coverage with out having the expense of an on-premise guard. Our live monitoring operators can dispatch our mobile patrol units to your property to investigate situations, evict trespassers, and more.

Safety Escorts

Whether you have a late worker or a guest that requires an escort to safely leave the property our mobile patrol unit can be dispatched to handle this. Rest assured that your staff and visitors will get to their destination safely.

Alarm Response

Rather than your staff receiving calls after hours for an intrusion alarm our mobile unit can be the primary responder for your alarms.

Lock & Unlock

Our patrols can include scheduled locks and/or unlocks of your property.

Online Reporting

Our mobile patrol service includes real time online reporting, which clients can access anytime.

Mobile Patrol FAQs

We provide mobile patrol services for a variety of business needs including:

We know that criminals like to operate undetected. At Vital Security Group we provide solutions so this cannot occur. Our approach to prevent criminals from being detected includes:

  • High quality cameras
  • Additional lighting
  • Battery and solar power
  • Thermal cameras for dark areas
  • Cellular data
  • Wireless transmitters
  • Motion-activate strobe lights
  • 2-way audio to warn potential criminals

Custom Surveillance for Your Business

VSG serves businesses of every size and offers custom designed security systems based on the type of business you own and the valuables you want to protect.

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